10 fast facts about print and paper

21 October, 2013

Looking for some fast facts about print? Here they are ...

  1. PC’s account for more than 2% of annual household CO2 emissions. Mail accounts for 0.1% - EMIP – The Facts Of Our Value Chain
  2. 92% of respondents who undertook an integrated Direct Mail campaign believe that customer retention was improved by using printed Direct Mail – New Zealand Post Key Research
  3. No media offers a better local connection than the newspaper - Nielsen research
  4. Electronic waste is now the fastest growing component in the waste stream, with 20 – 50 million tonnes generated every year – Greenpeace The e-waste Problem 2013.
  5. Only 11% of the wood extracted from the world’s forests goes to the paper industry (www.twosides.info) and no native trees are used to make paper or paper-related products in New Zealand - The Paper Story
  6. No medial delivers more shoppers into stores than retail catalogues – Neilson Research
  7. Magazines are adored by the youth market. 15 to 24-year-olds are the age group most likely to read magazines - The Professional Publishers’ Association (PPA) UK
  8. Paper can be added to compost, particularly where rich nutrient wastes (such as kitchen scraps) need to be balanced by materials with a high organic content – The Paper Story
  9. Students who read print books have a better reading comprehension of the text, perform better on quizzes about the content of the material and suffer less eye fatigue - www.twosides.info
  10. A 16-page brochure creates the same amount of CO2 emissions as watching a 30-second commercial on a plasma TV – Phillip W Lawrence – Thesis: Barriers and Incentives to Ecological Modernisation

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