About Us

SALMA was established in 1993 to promote, advance and protect members within the Reel Fed Label, Ticket and Tag sector of the Printing Industry.
We assist our members by providing them with:

  • An electronic Members Handbook giving details of Members and Associate Members, products/agencies, terms of trade, digital checklist, contract to supply etc
  • Regular technical training sessions to keep members abreast of developments within the industry
  • Annual benchmarking surveys against others operating similar businesses
  • Wages, chargeout and employment conditions surveys
  • Promotion of SALMA members to the purchasers of labels, tickets and tags
  • Collective representation of members' interests where necessary
  • Dissemination of overseas information and articles
  • Group discounts for member benefits
  • Updates on industry developments
  • Regular newsletter
  • Twice yearly social functions to allow networking in a relaxed atmosphere